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Empowering Boys To Live Uncommon In A Common World

Tim Brown Book

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I’ve known Tim Brown for 40 years, and we’ve been friends for over 25 of those years. He’s always had a servant’s heart, particularly in mentoring young people, and especially young boys. His book covers important ground in seeking to help boys become “Uncommon Men”. And he’s covered that ground well. Plain, Powerful, Practical talk for men of all ages. The call to action and challenge for boys and men to live uncommon lives is loud.. and the path, while not easy, has been clearly stated in the pages of this book. It is both a resource and roadmap for those ready to experience the adventure and rewards of being “Uncommon Men”. -Clark Kellogg, CBS Sports Color Analyst Tim Brown has written a challenging call to boys to help them transform their life from the common to Uncommon way of thinking and living. This book is the catalyst to begin the process to help turn the tide of future men to accept their responsibility as fathers and leaders. This book is a must read for boys and men who want to live an Uncommon Life and a Life of Significance.

-Chris Spielman, NFL and OSU All-American, and ESPN College Football Analyst


Tim South Mifflin Elementary

South Mifflin STEM Academy 6th grade boys are demonstrating dignity and being on an uncommon path in a common world. The students are part of a boy's group facilitated by local author Tim Brown where they are learning leadership skills and character building. On this day the young men wore their shirts and ties to display the trait of how you dress can emulate how you think and act, and how others respond to you.

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