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FCA College Volunteer Team

History of the College Volunteer Team

FCA has been seeking to serve our schools and ignite students and coaches with the gospel since 1954.

However, a glaring issue in our ministry became clear when we realized that each year we are sending out a new senior class with little to no direction, training, or opportunities to get involved in college ministries. 

FCA decided to reach out to some local college ministries including Xenos Christian Fellowship, Athletes in Action, YoungLife and others. The goal is to see college students from local area ministries serving in the high school FCA huddles, helping seniors navigate the difficulties involved with transitioning from high school to college. Many of these college volunteers also mentor students who attend our huddles regularly. 

Currently, there are nearly 20 leaders serving in 7 different schools with plans to expand into more schools with more volunteers. 

College Volunteers fulfilling the vision

 3 E's, Spiritual Mentorship

The vision of FCA is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. To effectively accomplish this vision, we employ the three E’s strategy of Engage, Equip, and Empower. 

The College Volunteer team is one of unique opportunity and vital importance. These college-aged volunteers have more time to meet with students, a lead lunchtime Huddles, and are closer in age to the students they engage with. 

College volunteers help lead huddles and connect with coaches and teams, but their most important role is mentoring the student leaders in the huddles. There is a strong need for equipping the athletes and students in their faith and empowering them in their role in leading as a student. This is where the college volunteers can specifically serve and impact. There is a program and structure for Spiritual Mentorship provided for College Volunteers, in 1-on-1 same-gender mentorship, which includes talking through the student’s life and growing their faith. 

The college volunteer team is a valuable cog in the working whole of FCA. It creates a more approachable and impactful experience for the students. Through the college volunteer team, we can see more youth be impacted by the gospel and grow in their faith and character during a very important part of the student’s maturity. Our ultimate goal is to see Student Leaders follow in the footsteps of their College Volunteers through coming back, leading, mentoring, and sharing Christ with others. Through this, we would see a repeatable, sustainable, multiplicative, and natural form of equipping and empowering of growing leaders for the future, as seen in the flowchart below. 

Get Involved!

Below in the Resources section is information for potential and current FCA College Volunteers. If you would like to inquire more into volunteering through the College Volunteer Team, email at the addresses below:

Nathan Sulc

Matt Dascenzo 

College Volunteer Team Resources


“It’s been a blast, a true blessing to be able to be used by God in the lives of these students. I feel like I’ve benefited the most from just seeing how much God can do in so little time, and it makes me excited to see what he continues to do moving forward. I’m truly grateful to have the opportunity to mentor students like Manny, playing a simple but important part in God’s plan for his life is exciting and a great experience.” -Ethan Robinson


“For my time volunteering at FCA, I've enjoyed building cool relationships with the students. I have gain joy and excitement from seeing these students desire to learn about God and ask questions throughout the teachings. I have been encouraged by these students to continue this awesome work!” -Sami Abdelrahman


“I have benefited in many ways from mentoring Naisa. It has been refreshing to mentor a young believer and watch her grow in her faith and understanding of who God is as well as her role in His kingdom. Working with high school students has challenged my character and taught me patience and discernment as well as grown my ability to understand and communicate God's grace.” -Amanda Williams

“I didn’t think I was able to find my place back with God. But FCA might not know it but they really helped me grow spiritually and mentally. Being mentored by Amanda has been amazing, she took me in on the first day I came to FCA. She took her time every week to help me learn about God and with anything I need. She opened me up and help me find the person I had inside me. I was able to accept Christ with her. I am really thankful for FCA and what they have done for me.” -Jenaisa (Naisa) Payne