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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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During the month of April, we are planning our biggest one-time gifts and monthly support drive ever!

Our Goal is to raise over $50,000 through one-time gifts and 75 Automatic Monthly Partners to FCA

$25,000 - One Time Gifts - ($11,000 Already Received)

75 New FCA Automatic Monthly Partners (AMP)

- 50 Donors @$25.00 per month

- 25 Donors @$50.00 per month - (2 Already Received)

Our 75 new Automatic Monthly Partners will allow FCA to plan for the continuation and sustainability of the FCA Mentoring Program and FCA Summer Camps as we continue to share the Love of Jesus Christ.


Thanks in advance for your prayerful consideration in helping us meet our goal in the month of April.

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Tim and Karmen Brown

Tim and Karmen

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Tim Brown Camps Director
(614) 496-1794

Karmen Brown , Camps Admin
(614) 496-0994

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